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Playing & Learning Together

 It is during the first 5 years of life that children form attitudes about themselves, others, learning and environment. These attitudes last a lifetime, so we work very hard to find ways to help children develop positive attitudes.
 The goal of Panyathip Kindergarten School program is to provide your child with wonderful and fun learning experiences through a balance of play and academics that will help them feel good about themselves, others and their environment.

   Panyathip Kindergarten School reflects a safe and nurturing environment that encourages a child’s physical, social, emotional, intellectual and language development.  At Panyathip Kindergarten School ¬†we believe that going to school is one of the most important experience in a child’s life so we make sure that our school is an exciting place where your child can develop his/her full potentials with the help of our teachers, who work lovingly and diligently to facilitate your child’s learning process. We are committed in giving your child the best early childhood education.


"Brain Gym" is an E.Q. development program for nursery and pre-kid children. E.Q. stands for Emotional Quotient which plays very important role in preparing child to socialize with other members in social group and to develop his proper personality trait that will be with him for the rest of his life. Another objective is to develop general motor skill of young pre-school children mostly through various playing equipments and activities.
Kid' News
Sun, 30-Oct-2011
Halloween costume Party
Fri, 16-Dec-2011
Panyathip 10th year Anniversary
Thu, 10-Nov-2011
Thatluang Festival (School Holiday)
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